AuditOne Docs

Distribution & Design

Launch on Shimmer We launch the $AUDIT token on the Shimmer network. Once the token is minted on the L1 on Iota/Shimmer, we can allocate the tokens to the different stakeholder groups.
ShimmerSea, our partner, will provide a liquidity launchpad. We can confidently use their infrastructure as they were audited by two independent firms (one audit done by us).
Public Sale 1: 3 AUDIT per 1 SMR Holders of our NFT “White Hat Harry” will have pre-access to the first public sale (fair launch). Public Sale 1 will have a vesting schedule in place.
Public sale 2: 2 AUDIT per 1 SMR Tokens that will be left after the sale are moved to the community treasury.

Advantages of using Shimmer

  • Team has a strong network in the Shimmer/Iota ecosystem.
  • No transaction costs.
  • Transactions are confirmed within 5 seconds.
  • No frontrunning.
  • Native tokens on L1.