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About AuditOne

AuditOne is an all-in-one audit platform for smart contract audits and verifications including an auditor hub, decentralized audit pools, self-service audit tools, bug bounty programs and insurance pools in the future. Our goal is to make Web3 secure for all of its users.
  • Security Audit
  • Bug Bounties
  • Due Diligence
  • KYC
  • Review of Tokenomics/ NFT collections
  • Integration of trust layer on platforms
  • Coverage for smart contracts & NFTs (in development)
At AuditOne, we strive to make the auditing process transparent and reliable. We have recruited the top security researchers from code4arena, Immunefi, LinkedIn's security engineers, audit firms, and hackathons to ensure the highest quality of service for projects. Auditors interested in learning more about AuditOne can look at the For Auditors tab, and projects can find out more about our auditing process by visiting the For Projects tab.
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