360-Degree Audit

AuditOne comprehensively reviews the companyโ€™s operations, financials, and technology. It provides an in-depth analysis of the companyโ€™s current prospects and potential risks associated with the venture.

Our 360 Degree Audit provides a comprehensive assessment tailored to the blockchain industry, covering business analysis (reviews business objectives, scalability, GitHub activity, codebase, funding, and documentation), team analysis (evaluates team skills, structure, advisors, income, and leadership in marketing and development), tokenomics audit (uses proprietary tools to analyze token allocation, vesting periods, distribution, trading volume, and supply strategy), marketing and social media performance (assesses community engagement, platform moderation, social media growth, and content quality across various channels).

Clients can opt for a full audit or select specific areas, and our report clearly details what was audited.

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