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Join and work at AuditOne.

This document outlines how AuditOne operates and how auditors and security researchers can join the platform to earn income.

About AuditOne

AuditOne is an auditor aggregator & bug bounty platform that provides security services and tools to ensure the safety and reliability of smart contracts and AI systems. AuditOne utilizes a decentralized pool of pre-vetted auditors and researchers for efficient resource allocation and expertise matching, benefiting both auditors/researchers and clients. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

  1. Where do I register?

Auditors can register to join the AuditOne community here:

Please provide a detailed description of your professional background, relevant skills, and experience.

  1. How do I become eligible for an audit?

KYC: Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process as instructed during the application. Your identity is kept private, but clients want to know that their auditors have been thoroughly vetted.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process takes approximately 5 min and will be reflected in the app.

Pass Exam: Prospective auditors must complete one of two AuditOne verification exams (Solidity or Rust) to demonstrate their skill level to AuditOne and potential clients.

Exam results will be processed within 2 weeks.

You will be eligible to participate in an audit after completing KYC and passing one of the exams.

  1. When and how are auditors notified of new audit listings?

Availability: Auditors must set their availability in the AuditOne dashboard to receive notifications for upcoming audits. Verified auditors are notified of upcoming audits based on availability and relevant experience.

Notification: You will receive notifications through the AuditOne app, Discord, and email when a new audit matches your expertise. Please carefully review the project details and scope.

  1. How does the selection process work?

Apply: If you are interested, please submit your application for the specific project you are qualified for and would like to audit.

Selection: We meticulously select auditors based on their relevant experience and skills, ensuring they match the project requirements, availability, prior performance, previous audit quality, and workload capacity.

  1. What are the compensations?

Auditors at AuditOne are not paid a fixed salary. Instead, after completing an audit, they are rewarded based on their XP levels, the severity of the issues discovered, and bug bounties.

Earning XP can help auditors acquire $AUDIT Tokens and increase their salaries. The XP program measures an auditor's experience, and as their XP rises, so do their levels and opportunities to participate in more audits.

  1. How do I get paid?

Complete the invoice information before completing an audit, and AuditOne will generate the invoice within the app and pay it to your desired account.

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