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How to join us

The Auditor journey:

What auditors do on AuditOne and how they benefit:
  • Step Zero: Learn how to audit from AuditOne academy.
  • Get Verified: Prospective auditors complete the AuditOne verification exam to prove their skill level to AuditOne and prospective clients.
  • KYC Required: Your identity is kept private, but clients want to know that their auditors have been thoroughly vetted.
  • Level Up: Auditors get XP points after completing our verification exam, KYC, and filling out their profile. Completing an audit can also help you improve your score. High levels give auditors a greater hourly rate and seniority in an audit pool (the option to be assigned audit lead).
  • Assigned to Pool: Based on availability and skill level, verified auditors are allocated to an audit pool.
  • Audit Project: Auditors can access our free automated auditing and reporting tools to help their auditing process. They can also add their manual review findings to our reporting tool.
  • Get Paid: After completing an audit, you will be rewarded based on your XP levels and the severity of the issues discovered.