1 $AUDIT = 0.8 $WIota. Is it correct?

Yes (if all tokens are sold). If not, $AUDIT will be less valuable relative to sold tokens.

How do I know the amount of $AUDIT I get?
  • If you bought from Fairlaunch, your payment will be calculated as follows: IOTA Amount you have invested / Fairlaunch price (0.13573 IOTA).

  • If you exchange it for tokens, it's 86 for 1 Lumi, 172 for 1 WHH, and 344 for 1 WHHG. It will be unlocked over 10 months starting from June 24.

According to the FAQ, 500,000 tokens are offered for Fairlaunch. The Litepaper shows 10% of 100 million as liquidity. How does this add up, and what happens to the remaining tokens?

We might use it at a later stage or for other exchanges in the future.

What if the price goes lower than the Fairlaunch price?

Nobody else will have tokens to sell, so the price should not go lower. This is the only chance to get tokens this way, aside from Airdrops.

Will WHH holders receive 172 $AUDIT in 10 months?


The price indication on the platform is confusing: 400,000 Iota/ 500,000 Audit = 0.8 Iota/Audit

That is the maximum price if sold out. The max is 0.5 * 400,000 / 500,000 = 0.4. If max. liquidity of 400,000 is secured it's 400,000/2/500,000 * 0.19 = 0.076$ Momentary locked liquidity is 117,868.4 IOTA - resulting in 117,868.4/2/500,000 * 0.19 = 0.022$. If you scroll down on the fair launch page, you will find this explanation.

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