Can I move my NFT, and will it affect the Airdrop?

It will not affect the current Airdrop. The snapshot for this is already done.

When does the Airdrop of $AUDIT start?

Starting June 24 with a dynamic unlock over 10 months through

Who is eligible for the Airdrop?

WHH NFT and WHH GOLD NFT holders

How much $AUDIT can be received during the first Airdrop on June 24?

Airdrops range from 172 to 1,980 $AUDIT tokens for WHH (& WHHG), and they will unlock over 10 months. So, per month, there won't be that many, but at least a few to use.

Why does the WHH exchange price vary from 172 to 1980 $AUDIT? Who is eligible to get 172 $AUDIT, and who will receive 1980 $AUDIT?

The community's most active members who own multiple WHHGs are in the upper range, and users with just 1 WHH are in the lower range.

I have had a LUMI for months, but I am still waiting to receive an Airdrop.

If you have yet to receive the WHH NFT on the Iota EVM, please send a direct message to the Community Manager.

Is there any token Airdrop for Auditone researchers and auditors?

We were distributing WHHG Tokens to the most active auditors on our platform.

Has the WHHG and WHH Airdrop already taken place? Do I have to claim it in

You can claim your Tokens using these links:

The first snapshot was taken before all giveaways were finished. The second is for the remaining WHHG holders not included in the first snapshot.

Will the WHH NFT have any other utility than whitelist for Fairlaunch?

You can use the WHH NFT destination for the Airdrop and whitelist.

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