Preparation & Pricing

What is the process?

What a project can expect once they request an audit.

  1. Day 1: You fill out our quote form here, and the information you submit is high-level details based on your project. After completing the form and requesting the audit, we can make an appropriate decision.

  2. Day 2: AuditOne organizes a meeting within 48 hours to clarify any unclear details about the project based on their quote request form. Here a quote is given based on the SLOC (source lines of code) and estimated completion date.

  3. Day 3: A deposit of 60% is required before the audit can start. Then an audit pool is created based on auditors' availability and experience level. Next, a discord channel is made for auditors, and the project has a place to communicate freely.

  4. Day 4: Auditors and projects meet in a kickoff meeting, and the lead auditor is selected here.

  5. Day 5-7: The audit starts with four auditors, and all work independently. Once the audit is complete, they will receive a base payment and added bounties per finding.

  6. Day 19-21: Cross-Validation of all findings with the four auditors and one independent reviewer. A preliminary report is drafted. The AuditOne team and all the auditors meet to discuss the finding, and the project is given time to improve the codebase. Moreover, the project has two weeks from receipt of the preliminary report to make the final payments.

  7. Day 28-X: Finally, auditors reviewed and acknowledged the updates as fixed/resolved. If no high-severity issues are found, projects will pay less.

  8. End: Receiving the final audit report from AuditOne.


Refund policy: Before the audit can start, a deposit of 60% of the audit fees is needed. The audit will begin 3 days after the payment is received. If the audit is canceled, AuditOne will not refund the deposit, and the auditors must be paid for their time. If you cancel before the audit starts, you will get a refund of 50%.

Audit Pricing and Time






Solidity Pricing

≈ $6,000

≈ $18,000

≈ $30,000

≈ $80,000

Rust Pricing

≈ $12,000

≈ $36,000

≈ $80,000

≈ $200,000

Audit Duration

2 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

10-12 weeks

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