Trust layer for platforms

Our primary purpose is to build trust and to make sure that people are not scammed or affected by smart contract hacks.

Integrating the trust layer on platforms as a service from AudiOne involves a comprehensive suite of services that ensure the security and integrity of the smart contracts. It includes a Security Audit, a comprehensive security audit of the smart contract code, and Due Diligence, which reviews the smart contract code to ensure it meets the industry's standards. KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process of verifying the customer's identity and Review of Tokenomics/ NFT collections, a review of the tokenomics and non-fungible token collections associated with the smart contract.

Our integration is automated with API. After a user has completed a verification process, we will update you on the user's status. Usually, our partners add a field to a project profile where all security badges are displayed. For every user that uses our services, you earn a 5% cut on our commission.

Services offered thru Trust Layer

  • KYC of users

  • Security Audit

  • Due Diligence

  • NFT Collection review

  • Tokenomics review

The first integration of the trust layer is live on Soonaverse (

Here is a video example of the KYC integration:

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