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Auditor Levels and Rewards

Path of an auditor
Auditors gain experience points (XP) based on the provided information, experience, completed audits, etc. Once registered on our platform, an auditor is assigned level 0. Each rank requires more XP to level up, and XP does not reset after reaching the next level:

The Auditor Level Journey: A Howl Through the Ranks

In the thrilling ecosystem of AuditOne, auditors take on the guise of skillful wolves, each more powerful and savvy than the last. The wolf NFTs represent different auditor levels, marking auditors with symbols of status, expertise, and cunning. Let's embark on an adventure to understand what each auditor-wolf level entails and the quests needed to advance to the next stage.
Security Researcher
Auditor Expert
Auditor Master
Auditor Deus

Level 0 - The Lone Pup (Starter)

Lone Pup NFT
Skills and Achievements:
At this level, you're a Lone Pup just entering the wilderness of auditing. Your skills are fledgling, but you have an insatiable curiosity and a basic understanding of the auditing landscape. You've just joined the pack, and the world of auditing awaits your exploration.
Quest to Next Level:
To evolve into a Security Researcher, you'll need 200 XP. To achieve this milestone:
  • Complete your profile for a fast 200 XP; voila, you’ve leveled up!

Level 1 - The Security Howler (Security Researcher)

Security Howler NFT
Skills and Achievements:
As a Security Howler, you've let out your first howls in the field of security research. You are familiar with basic security protocols and can conduct rudimentary audits. You're not just following the pack now but contributing to its safety.
Quest to Next Level:
To ascend to the realm of the Auditor Expert, you must accumulate a total of 1,000 XP. If you start by completing your profile, consider these quests:
  • Complete 2 audits with AuditOne (800 XP)
  • Peer review an audit (100 XP)

Level 2 - The Silver Pathfinder (Auditor Expert)

Silver Pathfinder NFT
Skills and Achievements:
You're a Silver Pathfinder, agile and proficient in navigating the complexities of the auditing wilderness. With a strong grasp of various auditing tools and methods, you lead sub packs on quests to secure the digital realm.
Quest to Next Level:
Your eyes are set on becoming an Auditor Master, requiring a total of 5,000 XP. If starting from Level 2:
  • Complete 5+ audits as a lead auditor with AuditOne
  • Peer-review 3+ audits
  • Find high, medium, and low issues

Level 3 - The Moon Whisperer (Auditor Master)

Moon Whisperer NFT
Skills and Achievements:
Ah, the Moon Whisperer! You're one with the mysteries of the auditing universe, achieving mastery over complex techniques. You howl, and the pack listens, following you as you lead high-stakes missions.
Quest to Next Level:
Ready to become the god-like Auditor Deus? You'll need a grand total of 25,000 XP. Starting from Level 3:
  • Complete 30+ audits as a lead auditor with AuditOne
  • Find 40+ high issues during these audits
  • Peer-review 20+ audits and become triager

Level 4 - The Alpha of Alphas (Auditor Deus)

Alpha of Alphas NFT
Skills and Achievements:
You are the Alpha of Alphas, the Auditor Deus. Your howl resonates in every corner of the auditing realm. You're a thought leader, an expert so skilled that your techniques become the gold audit standard. You're not just leading the pack; you're defining its future.

How much XP is given for what?

Completing profile: 200 XP
Basic information: 50 XP
Audit Reports, Certificates, etc.: 50 XP
KYC: 100 XP
Audit completed outside AuditOne:
60 XP per audit
Audit completed with AuditOne:
400 XP per audit
Audit completed as a lead auditor with AuditOne:
500 XP per audit
Peer reviewing an audit:
100 XP
Finding a high issue during an AuditOne audit:
100 XP
Finding a medium issue during an AuditOne audit:
50 XP
Finding a low issue/QA during an AuditOne audit:
10 XP
Completing courses on our education platform:
10 XP per course
We will have an auditor dashboard on our platform indicating the top 50 auditors by level & findings. Once our token economy launches, auditors will be rewarded with an AUDIT equivalent (also for the XP that has already been obtained). Audit firms can create a pool (if approved by the AuditOne team). However, the auditors must undergo the same assignments and verification processes as freelance auditors to ensure the same quality standard across all auditor pools.