Why AuditOne

Our Concept

We build our services around our platform, facilitating the creation of auditor pools to match skilled auditors with projects. We are also developing tools to help projects and auditors during all audit stages.

AuditOne supports the entire audit journey for all stakeholders involved. Auditors are picked based on availability, experience, and skills, then they are pooled with three other independent auditors and one internal AuditOne reviewer and matched with a project. The experience is reflected on different levels, described in “Auditor Levels and Rewards.

We gamified the experience; auditors can earn XP for completing their profile, passing our verification exam, uploading past audit reports and certifications, or doing KYC. Additionally, completing audits on the AuditOne app and identifying vulnerabilities will improve the XP obtained.

Auditors will be ranked on a leaderboard by level and XP to create a sense of competition. Auditors will be rewarded financially with $AUDIT token and XP. The higher an auditor's rank, the more $AUDIT they will get.

Leaderboard: https://www.auditone.io/auditors

You can reach out to hello@auditone.io if you want an audit.

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