Benefits/How To Use

What can I do with the NFTs? What are the benefits of owning a WHH? And how to get a WWH gold?

WHH will allow you to participate in the Fairlaunch and join the WHH/$AUDIT staking pool.

Where I can read about using the $AUDIT token?

Read this article:

Why do I have WHHG NFT but only receive 172 $AUDIT?

Please DM the Community Manager

Why does the 5% of your token supply go to a "decentralized" exchange as a "listing fee"?

It is 5% of the Fairlaunch allocation. Not the token supply

I have a WHH NFT on Shimmer but didn't receive the same NFT on IOTA EVM.

Send us the wallet address so that we investigate it.

What is the value proposition of AuditOne?

At AuditOne, we redefine blockchain auditing by perfectly balancing quality, speed, affordability, and reliability. Our unique approach is tailored to the dynamic nature of the blockchain industry, ensuring we deliver excellence without compromise.

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