AuditOne Docs

Our Vision

Democratizing audits in web3 and empowering talented auditors to secure web3 projects
The Web3 ecosystem is still young and immature. The regulation currently needs to keep up with the technological advances that are taking place. Thus, malicious actors can leverage this unregulated environment to their benefit. What we envision goes beyond a security auditing platform. We want to become the Web3 equivalent of the Big Four in the financial audit sector. Experienced auditors should frequently review protocols and DApps worth millions or billions of dollars. AuditOne will play a key role in such a standard.
Not only the code but also other aspects play a crucial role in the success of a project. We have been considering a modular approach by which AuditOne can add different topics to the audit. Suppose a project seeks to become more transparent and increase the level of trust given by the community. In that case, it can add a tokenomics or operations audit to the security audit. A tokenomics audit assesses token allocation, vesting contracts, etc., while an operational audit focuses on processes and access management, e.g., multi-sig wallet requirements.