Benefits, Terms & Conditions

We see our community as the most important stakeholder to make AuditOne a success and therefore, we created NFTs to build and reward the community for their engagement. Below you can find the benefits for each NFT.

The NFTs are given away through raffles, to partners valuable for our ecosystem and auditors active on our platform.

White Hat Harry OG NFT holder benefits (max. supply 200):

  • Early access to BETA products (tools, services, academy)

  • 2x AUDIT token airdropped

  • Staking pool entrance (AUDIT)

  • Become an Ambassador for AuditOne

  • OG Discord Role with exclusive rights

White Hat Harry NFT holder benefits (max. supply 2,000):

  • Early access to BETA products (tools, services, academy)

  • 1x AUDIT token airdropped

  • Staking pool entrance (AUDIT)

Auditor NFTs holder benefits:

See "Auditor Levels and Rewards" section for more info

Soonaverse: The majority of Soonaverse accounts had a SMR L1 and EVM address associated with it. Since we realized that the ecosystem did not make use of L1 assets we decided to create the same collection L2 and airdropped to the corresponding EVM addresses associated with the accounts.

Update (11.03.24): As we had some complications with our normal WHH NFT collection leading to one address being able to exploit a misconfiguration on Snippool's NFT launchpad, we will recreate the collection on IOTA EVM with a snapshot before this exploitation as reference for the airdrop. More details will follow.

Please note Terms & Conditions: The airdrops will be limited to 10x per address e.g. An address holding 10 WHH or 8 WHH & 1 WHHG will receive the maximum of airdrops. Holding more than this amount will not accumulate more token airdrops as we want to prevent big whale stacks.

All information provided is subject to error and amendment.

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