Bootstrapping Auditors: A well-designed tokenomics system helps attract and retain talented auditors who are the backbone of AuditOne. By offering AUDIT as additional incentives, the platform can effectively bootstrap a network of skilled auditors who are motivated by the additional incentives, which are due to the AUDIT exposure aligned with the long-term growth of the AuditOne platform. Incentivizing Repeat Customers: AuditOne can incentivize projects to lock tokens for a certain period of time in return for discounted rates on recurring audits or the β€œfree use” of premium features such as tools. This approach encourages long- term commitment from clients as well as increases platform usage and the utility of AUDIT.

Fostering Network Effect (Flywheel): As more auditors and projects join the ecosystem, the demand for the token increases, thereby creating a positive feedback loop that fuels the platform's growth and success. Enhancing Platform Utility: The introduction of a native token allows for the creation of various use cases and value-added services within the platform. For instance, tokens can be used to access premium features.

Risk Mitigation: The introduction of the token also serves as a risk mitigation tool since AUDIT holders (and liquidity providers) carry some counterparty risk in the event of an exploit.

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