AuditOne Docs

Our Concept

Our service is built around our marketplace. Here we facilitate the creation of auditor pools to match them with projects. However, we are developing much more to support projects and auditors during the entire audit process. AuditOne facilitates the entire audit journey for all involved stakeholders. At least four individual auditors and one independent reviewer are matched with a project based on a pooling algorithm that considers availability, experience, hourly rate, and skill-set suitability. The experience is reflected on different levels, as described in “Path of an auditor”.
We gamified the experience aspect; auditors can receive XP for various actions, e.g., completing their verification, adding previous audit reports & certificates, or doing KYC. Furthermore, providing audits for projects on AuditOne and finding vulnerabilities will increase the gained XP. On a leaderboard, auditors will be ranked by level and XP to give a sense of the competition. Auditors will be financially incentivised by receiving $AUDIT simultaneously with XP. The higher the auditor level, the more $AUDIT they will receive. More on that is in the rewards section.