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This document explains how AuditOne operates, how audits/reviews are conducted, and how auditors and researchers can join our platform to earn income.

Decentralized Workforce

Unlike traditional audit firms, AuditOne leverages a decentralized pool of pre-vetted auditors and researchers for assignments. This ensures efficient resource allocation and expertise matching for diverse client needs.

AuditOne empowers auditors and researchers to work on challenging projects, gain recognition, and earn competitive compensation. Simultaneously, clients benefit from access to a diverse pool of talent and high-quality, collaborative audits. We look forward to welcoming you to our growing community!

Becoming an Auditor / Researcher

  1. Application:

  • Open the AuditOne app and complete the registration process. (For now part of the application is done using Google Forms, since we are currently redesigning our application.)

  • Provide detailed information about your professional background, relevant skills, and experience.

  • Submit your application for review.

  1. Verification:

  • The AuditOne team carefully assesses your application to ensure your qualifications meet our high standards.

  • Upon approval, you'll be notified and invited to join the platform.

  • Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process as instructed during the application.

Participating in Audits

  1. Project Notification:

  • When a new audit aligns with your expertise, you'll receive notifications via the app, Discord, and email.

  1. Applying for Tasks:

  • Review the project details and scope thoroughly.

  • If interested, submit your application to participate in the specific tasks you feel qualified for.

  1. Auditor Selection:

  • We carefully select auditors based on:

    • Relevant experience and skillset match with the project requirements.

    • Prior performance and audit quality.

    • Availability and workload capacity.

  1. Collaborative Auditing:

  • Selected auditors receive access to detailed task instructions and relevant frameworks.

  • Multiple auditors are often assigned to the same tasks, fostering:

    • Redundancy and data integrity through multiple perspectives.

    • Enhanced quality control through peer review and comparison of findings.

  1. Independent Work and Submission:

  • Each auditor independently completes assigned tasks and submits individual findings through the platform.

  1. Peer/Expert Review and Final Report:

  • Auditors have the opportunity to review and comment on each other's findings, ensuring comprehensiveness and accuracy. Alternatively, an expert among the auditors is selected to review the report.

  • The AuditOne team consolidates all findings, incorporating peer feedback, to create a final, high-quality report for the client.

  1. Payment and Recognition:

  • Upon project completion, confirm the generated invoice within the app to receive your payment.

  • Earn XP points based on your contributions to audits and findings.

  • Higher XP points translate to:

    • Increased earning potential per project.

    • Access to more complex and responsible roles within the platform.

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