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The all-in-one security platform

In an era of rising cyber security threats, blockchain protocols are still an easy target for hackers. At AuditOne, we have simplified the smart contract audit process.

No more waiting times

Forget about long queues and long waiting times. Once we receive your audit request, the AuditOne team will immediately get in touch and start working on it, understanding your product, and agreeing on the scope.

Verified Auditors

All our auditors must complete KYC, have a technical interview and pass our onboarding tests. Once applicants complete the tests, our senior smart contract auditors review the results upon which the applicant is admitted or rejected.

Free audit tools

We provide free tools to help you pre-analyse your smart contract. This way, you can test your smart contract security and get a preliminary rating of the code quality.


Fixed Code Fee. No Hidden Costs. Auditors quote projects based on the number of lines in the code they need to review.