NFT Collection Review

The NFT collection review verifies, in the first place, the copyright and intellectual property rights of the artists and the artist's identity. This includes ensuring that any images, sounds, or other assets used in the NFT collection are either original or obtained through proper licensing agreements.

Furthermore, it inspects the approvals of the artists and the rights for usage of the NFTs by the buyers. The creators must have clear and valid ownership of the assets when tokenizing, and the transfer of the ownership rights must be legally binding, secure, and enforceable.

Holder distribution and Unique minters indicate whether there are majority holders of the collections or if the ownership is distributed democratically, lowering the chance for price manipulations.

The review will also inspect the rarity and trait distribution in the collection.

Security of the platform where the NFT is listed and of the mint is reviewed, as well as the storage of the NFT.

Finally, the review of the owners is conducted by the KYC of the project team behind the collection.

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