Security Audit

AuditOne's auditor hub is designed to provide a secure and reliable platform for projects to connect with smart contract auditors. The hub is powered by a decentralized network of audit pools, each composed of 3–4 verified auditors. These auditors are carefully selected based on their experience and expertise in smart contract security. AuditOne offers bug bounty programs to incentivize the discovery of vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

Finally, AuditOne provides a standardized audit reporting tool to simplify the process of reporting the results of an audit. This tool allows auditors to quickly and easily generate reports that are easy to understand and provide a comprehensive overview of the security of the contract.

Bug bounty

Currently there are over 150+ verified auditors on AuditOne's platform. This large talent pool enables AuditOne to conduct Bug bounties on their platform.

Auditors will compete to identify vulnerabilities during an audit, with a portion of the project's initial fees funding the prize. If no significant issues are detected, projects will not be required to pay the prize; however, if problems are detected, the total audit charge will be higher as the project must include the reward in the final payment.

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